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Bali Bird Park

Birds in their natural habitat.
1000 birds, 250 species, 1 great experience. Join us for an adventure that has no boundaries.

Welcome to Bali Bird Park

Find yourself at the Bali Bird Park to witness the largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds in the world plus fantastic birds from Africa & South America. Encompassing two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of 250 different species.

Our innovative approach towards the display of rare and tropical birds has progressed from traditional exhibits to that of showcasing mixed species in their natural habitats & in large walk in Aviaries and free range throughout the park.

The park accommodates an amazing display of flora with more then 2000 tropical plants including 50 varieties of palms alone and attracting numerous butterflies.

Incorporating a breeding, research and veterinary facility within the complex, the park has a high success rate in the captive reproduction of exotic birds such as the Bird. of Paradise and Hornbill.

What to See

What To See at Bali Bird Park

Join us for an adventure that has no boundaries as we take you on a journey across the Indonesian archipelago, Latin America and South Africa.

The park is divided into regions that recreate the natural habitats of our birds, complete with indigenous plant life and traditional artefacts for authenticity.

Experience the original Jungle birds of Bali and encounter the world's rarest bird, the Bali Starling.

Discover the exotic birds of Papua and one of the most comprehensive collections of Bird of Paradise in the whole world.

Travel to Far East Indonesia, home to an amazing array of birds as well as the extraordinary Komodo Dragon, a giant carnivorous lizard which is a direct descendant of the dinosaur and rarely seen in captivity.

See the fantastic Javan Hawk and Serpent Eagles - & listen to the sweet sounds of Java's song birds echoing through the foliage.

Visit the deep jungle and misty mountain ranges of Sumatra for rare and strange endemic birds.

Venture to other tropical continents to view our collection of South American exotics such as the Scarlet Macaw and Toucan, witness the Congo Grey Parrot and other birds of the African Savannah.

See Cassowaries, Cranes, Storks & Pelicans and many more birds as they wander freely living and breeding uninhibited throughout the park.

What to Do

What to Do at Bali Bird Park

Stroll within the boundaries of our giant walk-through aviaries that replicate the natural eco-systems of the Bali Jungle and Papuan Rainforest.

Pathways and bridges are carved through the dense foliage where only filtered sunlight manages to penetrate the canopy of greenery overhead.

Several vantage points have been strategically positioned to catch glimpses of free flying birds as they follow their survival instincts of foraging for food, nesting and mating.

These protected enclosures safeguard rare species from outside predators, whilst still exposing them to the various aspects of living in the wild.


Conservation Program at Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park plays a key role in protecting and conserving Indonesia's endangered wildlife.

The Park have successfully bred many species, including the rare Pesquet's Parrot and numerous Bali Starlings. We accommodate more than 40 species of protected Indonesian birds in the park, a growing number of which are now breeding successfully under the care of our staff.

The staff are proud of their new additions some of which can be seen in their incubators through the observation windows of the laboratory & nursery building.

Bali Bird Park plays a key role in protecting and conserving Indonesia's endangered wildlife.

Veterinary Care

Bali Bird Park plays a key role in protecting and conserving Indonesia's endangered wildlife.

To keep the Park's collection of more than 1000 birds healthy and in top condition requires constant care and attention. A staff of over 20 keepers maintains the aviaries or look after the husbandary of our birds.

Bali Bird Park plays a key role in protecting and conserving Indonesia's endangered wildlife.

The Birds in the Park generally enjoy excellent health but like people they occasionally fall ill. For this reason a full time veterinarian monitors the bird's health and provides treatment when they fall ill or get injured. The veterinary facility is the best and most well equiped in Indonesia.

Park and Environment

Visitors to the Park cannot fail to notice the beauty and abundant variety of trees, shrubs and flowering plants, but they should also keep an eye open fort he natural wildlife that lives here.


Uninvited but no less welcome, guests include gaudy butterflies that move through the Park, feeding at blossoms, and dragonflies seeking small incest on which to prey.

Yellow – flanked skinks sun themselves inconspicuously on lawn and paths, while geckos call from thatched roofs.

Bio Security System

Careful preventive action has been set up for the bird collection, all staff members and visitors to the park.

Since we opened in 1995 the Bali Bird Park has remained safe for all visitors. We are very proud to say that none of our birds have ever been infected by any bird virus.

Poor conditions cause virus infections. For this reason, the Bali Bird Park ensures all of its collection and in clean habitats.

Footbath containing disinfectant are situated at every entrance / access to the park.

A complete ban on the acquisition of any animals from commercial farm & bird market, and thorough assessment is carried out & quarantine for any new specimen.

Regular treatment of our collection, giving daily vitamins and minerals.

Disinfectant sprayer for park aviaries weekly, and sprayer for guests and staff upon arrival and departure from the park.

Blood inspection by official authorized personnel from Departement of Health every month.


General Information of Bali Bird Park

Jl. Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir
Singapadu, Batubulan - Gianyar - Bali

Telephone: 62 361 299352
Fax: 62 361 299614
E-mail: sales@bali-bird-park.com

Operating hours:
The park and restaurant is open from 09.00 a.m until 17:30 p.m daily. Except on Balinese New Year ( Nyepi )

Entrance Ticket:
Adult US $ 21.5 + 10 % Service charge
Child US $ 10.5 + 10 % service charge

Childrens Age:
2 – 12 years of age

under 2 years of age are free of charge

Not necessary

Advance booking is requested for special events :
To enable us to handle your requirements efficiently, bookings with full details are necessary.
For lunch buffet, Dinner buffet and breakfast with the birds, three days advance notice is required.
Bookings for guided tour : Free guiding is provided for parties of 20 or more. Please book 24 hours in advance

Credit Card:
Bali Bird Park use the Bank of Indonesia US $ changing rate and we accept travelers and credit cards as : Amex, JCB, VISA, BCA Card, Mater Card, Dinners club.

Insurance cover for the safety of our customer is provided through PT. JASINDO

Dogs & Pet:
Dogs and other pets are prohibited from the park as they scare the birds.

Park facilities

  • Refreshment: Refreshments are available in the Bali Starling Restaurant (150 seats capacity ) and Rain Forest Café ( 30 seats capacity )
  • Rest Room: There are four rest rooms strategically located throughout the park
  • First Aid: First aid facilities are available at the Park. In case of emergency ask the Management on duty or any member of our staff
  • Gifts & souvenirs: Unique bird themed merchandise is available from the park gift shop adjacent to the main restaurant. Alternatively, local artisans display hand painted crafts in traditional pavilions strategically located around the park.
  • Disability Access: The park has been designed with barrier-free pathways for convenient wheelchair and baby-stroller access. However, there are staff on hand if assistance is required.
  • Parking Area: Large parking areas also for tours buses


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